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Our laboratory services  are used for improving product quality, for forensic investigations and for ongoing research and development projects.

Using state-of-the-art. equipment, our scientists will perform specialized and routine analyses to meet your needs.

NVLAP Certificate



LEX Scientific offers a comprehensive range of Laboratory Services to meet the changing needs of industry. 

Uniquely capable of analyzing material samples in any state, LEXís experts use the best equipment to offer solutions to meet your demand.


LEX Scientificís distinguished mix of analytical equipment makes its services unique. The vast problem solving capabilities of LEXís staff combined with their unique equipment enable LEX to cost efficiently find the root cause of problems that seemingly have no solution.

Through the use of such tools as ultra- microscopic detection devices and computerized image analyses, LEX can provide the solution.



We strive to exceed our clientís expectations with the quality of our analysis. Our methods guarantee peace of mind in a cost efficient, timely manner. 

Basing solutions on sound scientific evidence eliminates the necessity to resolve issues by trial and error. 

Cost and time efficiencies are realized by utilizing LEXís laboratory services immediately upon discovering a problem. Put our experts to work in your working world and receive a world of solutions.

Codeine Crystals
Codeine Crystals under microscope in the lab.

  • Asbestos Analysis - bulk and air
  • Mould Analysis - Industrial Hygiene
  • Radon Testing
  • Enzyme Analysis - Industrial Hygiene Samples
  • Microbiological Analysis

  • Stachybotrys mould
    Stachybotrys mould under microscope in the lab.
  • Formaldehyde
  • Industrial Troubleshooting
  • Microscopic Identification of Unknowns
  • Particle Size Analysis
  • Water Analysis (pH, TSS, TDS, Conductivity)
  • Light Transmission Testing
  • Supplies for all of the above testing

    The case of the "Reworked Parts"

    An automotive trim manufacturer had a recurring problem with their painted TPO products. Small craters were appearing on the surface of the paint no matter how many times the part was reworked.

The plastic substrate supplier claimed that it could not be the plastic substrate and the paint supplier claimed it could not possibly be the paint that was causing the problem. Since the problem recurred in spite of reworking, it was assumed that the paint was the cause of the defects. Much time and money was spent to correct this persistent problem.

Case where lab testing was needed and analysis provided a solution.
If you look closely at the base of the defect, you can see where the problem was coming from all along. No matter how many times the part was painted the plastic substrate continued to gas-off in the same spot. It was a plastic problem after all.


Mouseover the photos below to see a magnification of asbestos fibres.

Scientist analyzing asbestos using an optical microscope.
Optical Microscope


Scientist analyzing asbestos using an electron microscope.
Electron Microscope

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